F-Commerce is this Social Innovation over?

We ask what now for F-Commerce?

12 Mar 2012Last year saw a big rise in companies trying to take advantage of their Facebook pages by setting up their own F-Commerce shops to try to maximize the potential of social media. But with so many of the larger shop closing already, including GAP and Game Stop, we ask what next for F-Commerce?

With so few companies taking the step, it is now highly unlikely with the latest news, that any new big players will be tempted into the social commerce platform. Is there any place for this social innovation?

The Trust Factor

Many companies felt that being able to buy over the social network would be the next step in online shopping. But do people trust giving their payment details over the social platform? It would seem that the answer to that question is no. Many experts felt that certain age groups had only just come to terms with E-Commerce and that F-Commerce was step to far at this stage.

So is the end for F-Commerce?

Social networks are a big part in modern day society, but as for becoming the next online marketplace, it would appear to be highly unlikely.

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