Jack and Jill's eCommerce Website Now Live!

21 June 2012Traffik Media are pleased to announce the launch of the new Jack and Jills online shop. Jack and Jill's have been one of the countries leading suppliers of collectible dolls, play dolls and soft toys for over 7 years. They realised however that whilst their online shop was performing adequately, a fresh approach was needed to boost sales. The system they were on previously was an online eCommerce software, that placed limitations in terms of the search engine optimisation (SEO).

Lynda Turner, the managing director of Jack and Jill's approached Traffik Media with a brief to turn the website into a more accessible, user friendly and more importantly, search engine friendly website. Lynda said the follow, 'I choose Traffik Media largely due to the fact they not only create beautifully designed websites but well optimised websites. The combination is vital in taking Jack and Jill's forward in our next phase.

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